Why You Should Have a Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Your Rental

Unsurprisingly, like any owner-occupied home, rental properties require maintenance, too. Whether it is an annual HVAC system check-up or inspecting and cleaning out gutters, completing preventative maintenance each year helps you save thousands of dollars in the long run. Many landlords create a preventative maintenance checklist to ensure they do not miss a single item and keep their property in a rentable condition.

Some Items to Add to Your Preventative Maintenance Checklist

There are many types of regular maintenance and repairs needed to successfully run a rental property. Here are some of the most common types of maintenance tasks that should be on your checklist:

  • Changing air filters
  • Inspecting and cleaning gutters
  • Performing roof inspections
  • Checking for leaks in toilets and under bathroom sinks
  • Inspecting kitchen appliances and HVAC systems

Changing Air Filters

Consumerreports.org suggests that air filters may last at least three months. However, their life span is determined by the circumstances of their environment while in use. For example, an air filter used in a home with a pet may not last as long as an air filter in a home without pets. Landlords should consider the environmental circumstances when planning to change out filters. Failure to change air filters in time can impact your air conditioning system’s overall performance and durability.

Inspecting and Cleaning Gutters

Gutters should be inspected and cleaned twice a year. Over time, leaves, dirt, and other debris may build up in the gutters and downspouts, preventing the system from operating as it should. Clogged gutters will hold water instead of letting it flow to the ground, potentially causing rot and damage to the fascia and other parts of the building.

Performing Roof Inspections

Landlords and homeowners alike know that roof repairs can be costly, quickly reaching thousands of dollars. So performing routine maintenance does not just help budget for future replacement, but it also helps identify leaks and structural issues before they become a larger and more costly problem. Inspecting a rental’s roof at least once per year will help you tackle roof problems as soon as possible.

Checking For Leaks In Toilets and Under Sinks

Plumbing leaks do not solely affect the pipe and the immediate surrounding areas. Water damage spreads quickly and can impact neighboring units if they share an interior wall. One bad water leak may cause damage to cabinetry, walls, flooring, baseboards, personal property, and more. Toilets and sinks should be checked regularly to identify and repair any leaks and cracks before they become a catastrophic event. Whether it’s a worn gasket, clogged drains, mold, or low water pressure, checking periodically for any issues will save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run.

Inspecting and Maintaining Kitchen Appliances and HVAC Systems

Kitchen appliances and HVAC systems can be some of the most costly components in a rental property. Replacements can easily cost thousands of dollars, leaving any property owner scrambling to fund the expense.

Hire a Property Management Company Close to You!

Rental property maintenance needs might be hard for some landlords to keep up with. Fortunately, when you hire a property management company, they will ensure that your property meets all the checkboxes for yearly preventative maintenance. Kajen Rentals is your local Louisiana property management company. Whether your property is in Monroe, West Monroe, Bastrop, or Oak Grove, our services are here to make your life as a landlord easier. Connect with us today to learn more about our services and how they benefit you.