Kaden and Jensen buy their first investment property in 2020

boys invest

What you see here is a seed being planted in our boy’s minds. For months they have been working and saving to each save $100. We told them if they wanted to partner with us on our next real estate deal, we would let them buy into the property. The company will pay them each $10 as a return on their investment each month the tenant pays us rent.

Today was that day!

Since that day both boys have invested in several other deals. That first house is in a location where we pass it almost daily. It is not uncommon for one of them to joke about how they own the closet in that house. Each month they look forward to rent day and they do not let dad forget to pay them. If you are interested in making a better return on your money than you are getting in the market or bank, feel free to reach out to me. We can help find you your first investment property. We will take care of everything so you can start getting mailbox money.